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Welcome to the TESS user manual. TESS is a full bodied JavaScript library, that will make scripting across multiple browsers an easier task. Throughout this site, you will find instructions on how to use TESS, along with example pages and code snippets.

The main features include:

  • Class creation, with inheritance and initialize support. With this support, you can manage multiple classes, merge them, extended them, etc.
  • Timer creation (threads), which support full control features, tracking, limits and much more.
  • Full support for AJAX.
  • Full browser and document support, including simple Cookie handling, browser detection and type validation.
  • Complete string manipulation, including compression, decompression, trimming, searching and much more.
  • Much much more...

The main supported web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8.0 upwards)
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera

You can point directly to TESS from your website by including the JS file from:

  • http://tess.bunoon.com/js/tess_latest.js

Or you can download TESS 0.3.7 by one of the following options:

You can view all the version history here.

Version 0.3.7 - Released 11 November, 2012:

  • Fixed some faults with undeclared variables.
  • Fixed a fault in $T.Element.GetAttributes() that caused a bit-wise operator to be used instead of an and.
  • Fixed some unfiltered for-in loop faults.
  • Fixed some un-terminated functions.
  • Removed return documentation for functions that do not actually return any value.
  • Fixed a few Function() call faults (no new statement to handle constructor).
  • Fixed a fault in $T.Element.GetByClassName() not using the correct element type specified.
  • $T.Object.Clear() now returns an empty object, opposed to cleared one and then the return.
  • Fixed a massive fault in $T.Element.BringToFront() now actually doing the job correctly (was accessing wrong variable).
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes here and there.

If you find any bugs or script errors while using TESS, please sent an email to:

  • bugs@bunoon.com

Please gives all the details about the fault, how it occurred, what area, etc.