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OK, this area only contains one function at the moment, but we have lots of plans for future functions that should help with dealing with pre-evaled Javascript. The function available the moment will also you to trigger a string with Javascript in it, which will be checked for area several times before allowing it to run.

Takes a script and tries to trigger it (useful for import calls). Allows additional retries if the import is not available yet.

The main arguments for this function are as follows:

  • sScript [String] - The script that should be triggered.
  • nNumberOfRetries [Number] - The number of retries we should attempt (defaults to 1).
  • nWaitTimeout [Number] - The amount of time (in milliseconds) we should wait before trying to trigger the script again (defaults to 1000).

The return value for this function is as follows:

  • [Boolean] - A boolean of true/false to state of we have completed the operation.

Below is an example of how to use this function:

function ScriptTrigger () {

alert("Test of script trigger");


var bWasTriggered = $T.Script.Trigger('ScriptTrigger();', 2, 1000);